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Boat Shipping Service
Showroom Transport is a nationwide boat shipping company. If your boat is on trailer, we can ship it anywhere in the mainland USA. We ship all size boats as long as they are already on a trailer.

Preparing your boat for transport

Our drivers are trained to inspect your boat and trailer before we move your boat. Here is a check list to go by before you hire us to move your boat.

1. Check to see if your boat is securely fastened to your trailer. Our drivers will double check anyway and add a strap if need be.

2. Check to make sure the lights work on your boat trailer. If you are unsure, then our driver will bring out a light bar which hooks into our truck wired to the back of your boat. Please let us know if you know they do not work.

3. Check the tires. Do they look ok? If they were tires on your car, would you drive your car? If they look safe, then no worries.

4. If you plan to have a cover placed on boat while we transport it, make sure it is a secure transport cover. Most covers will flap in the wind and do more damage to the boat than good. We recommend no cover at all.

5. Shrink wrap. 90 percent of the boats we move are not shrink wrapped. Shrink wrapping a boat before transport in most cases are a waste of your money. If not done completely right, the wind during shipping your boat will rip you wrap and cause damage to your boat.

6. Loose objects in your boat. In order to have a safe ride, make sure any loose objects in your boat are secure. We do not want objects bouncing around your boat while shipping your boat. This obviously will cause damage to your boat. So please make sure everything inside the cab or on the boat is secure so we can have a safe moving process of your boat.

7. Make sure all your axel barings are greased. If you are unsure, please let us know. Our drivers do cary grease guns and the drivers will grease the barings in your boat trailer.

Overwide boat:

The legal width is 8.6 feet. If your boat is over that width, then it is considered overwide and we will need to purchase permits for each state.

If your boat is over 12 feet wide, we will need to purchase permits plus have escorts to deliver your boat.

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Boat Moving Service

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