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Welcome to Showroom Transport

Showroom Transport has been moving 5th wheel trailers for many years. Our drivers are extremely experienced in towing 5th wheel rv camper trailers.

We receive about 30 calls a day from a driver asking to work for us. We hire one new one a month. Most of our drivers have experience not only in pulling a trailer with a pick up truck yet they have experience in driving big tractor trailers. Basically, hooking up to a 5th wheel trailer is fairly simple. There is a lot more to just being able to pull a trailer with a pick up truck. Our drivers have to be mechanical. Simple problems may occur while pulling a 5th wheel trailer. The lights might go bad, the brakes might go bad, the tires might go bad. Our drivers are trained to fix these issues fairly quickly and continue on their trip. Also, knowledge of the country is extremely important when moving a 5th wheel trailer. Our drivers have to know their way around the USA. They have to know where it is unsafe to park overnight. They have to know how to handle weather conditions such as snow, ice, wind, hard rain. They have to know when it is just not safe to drive. This all takes experience of being out there in the USA driving on the roads.

Your 5th wheel trailer will be in great hands. We are so sure of that! We stand by our drivers. We know they are the ones that keep us in business and keep customers like you coming back each time they need a 5th wheel shipping service.

We are fully licensed, insured and bonded.

Call now for a free 5th wheel delivery quote at 800-462-0038.